Monday, September 5, 2011

Labor Day at Disneyland!

I have a few important rules I live my life with...  One of those is NEVER go to an amusement park on a holiday!! haha!!  I'm not a BIG fan of crowds.  So far I had never broken it...  that is until this past Labor Day...  The Chavi came down for the holiday weekend and monday was the ONLY day we could go...  Alrighty then...  off we went!!!  :)
She got up EARLY, grabbed her Disney hat, and off we went!!  Look at that happy smile!  ;)

These are phone pics, so they're a little out of place!  ;)  Michael bought us dole whips!  It's HIS Disneyland tradition!!  ;)
Gaby modeled one.... 

.....and I modeled mine!!  ;)  YUMM!  Thanks Mike, it was delicious...  :) was soooooo good it needed a "close up, and then I shared it with all of my "social media" friends!  ;)  It read, "nothing like a dole whip to end the summer right!"  ;)
OBVIOUSLY, I thought it needed A LOT of pictures!!  haha!  ;)

.... This was a picture we took right before they were ready to go home!  :(  she was telling me she was happy that we went to D-land!!  :0  I LOVE her!

Our picture while waiting to board the tram....  Join in Cousin!  It's tradition!  ;)
V was so excited to go to Disneyland that she "forgot" to tell  us to wait for Gaby, Gaby had told her to tell us that, when she talked to her on the phone as we were leaving...  when we pulled into the ALMOST EMPTY structure she sighed and said, "I wish Gaby would be coming with us," haha!  she was actually a little sad, we told her she should of told us, she quickly got over it, and as we were walking into the park she was taking it all in, I LOVE to see her face as we walk down Main street, it's almost like she's entering another world!  :)  Gaby and Mike were waiting for us on a bench at the end, and she was sooooooooo excited to see them, that she took of in a full blown sprint, SOOOOOO cute!
I LOVE this picture of V and Mike,  you can almost "feel" the love! 

He grabbed her hand and let her lead the way...  they were only gonna be able to stay with us for a little bit, because they had somewhere else to be, so we tried to get on all the cool rides while they were there!  :)  and off we were!
SOOOOO cute!  :0
ummmm.... almost!  there's a good picture of all 4 of us, somewhere!!  ;)
...ready to get on Space Mountain, I can't remember if this was her first time on it or not, I'm almost thinking it was!!  :)  SHE LOVED IT!!  :)
...and it looks like these guys were ready too...  haha!!
.....then it was off to try and see if we could get on Indiana Jones, another one of Mike's favorites, BUT unfortunately V isn't quite tall enough yet...  :(  Oh well maybe next time!  ;) 
Look at me guys!
there's that dole whip again!  ;)
She was so excited for that cherry, she couldn't get her hands on it fast enough!!  ;)
I decided to take a picture of how "empty" the park was...  BECAUSE I couldn't believe it myself!!  haha!!!  ;)
THEN we said to bye to Gaby and Mike and moved on to CHURROS, MY Disneyland tradition!  ;)
This one turned out better than I thought!!  ;)
Looking for ducks, she LOVES looking for ducks!  ;)
Then we took a break from walking so she could look for directions on her map!!  haha!
Mami and V
and we were off to storybook land...  One of HER favorites, and a must do....  EVERYTIME!  :)
I had NEVER noticed the mini pomogranites on the mini tree....  HOW CUTE ARE THEY??
...time for a cousin picture!  :)
I had never noticed how cute these arches really are...  It's where jasmin and Aladdin took their first magic carpet ride you know!!  ;)
...Then we were off to It's a Small World, another V favorite!  :)  I've wanted to take a picture of this postcard at the end FOREVER!!!  FINALLY I got one!!  :)
Then we were off to toontown....  BUT FIRST we stopped for a mickey pretzel... and a little photography by V!  ;)
Bea and Mickey!  ;)
I was hungry, so my mickey lost it's ear before we got our pic!!  ;)
...and I met Snow white...  and was she serious about her whinny greeting??  YES! YES she was!!  haha!
V, sitting in Minnie's house!  :)
Pretty landscape!! 

M is for MJ!  ;)
Then we headed over to California Adventure for lunch, and some rides!!  :)
The Bread factory was our first stop!!  YUMMMMMM
Then we headed on over to the little mermaid, and almost melted...  the humidity started to get so bad in the early afternoon....  EEECK!!!
...and about 3 o'clock V opted to go home early (we were going to try and stay until 5ish) and swim for a little bit before they were to go home...  so off we went!  IT WAS HOT!!!!  she fell asleep on the way home...  guess the humidity got to her too!!  ;/
as I was writing this post I realized that not only did we ride a lot of rides, but we ate a lot of food!!  haha!!  Overall, it was a GREAT trip, the lines were short, and the park was almost empty, NOT at all what I had expected...  I may even say that I would go on a holiDAY again!!!  ;)
and as promised, she went swimming...  all alone...  haha!  the water was CHILLY!!  ;)
 ..... and Lu hung out by the chair...  and don't worry, there WAS an adult within arms lenth of her...  I cropped them out...  sorry ;)
look at that foot!!
 ...she LOVES the waterfall.... 
....and just like that, we think we said good-bye to summer time and pool time!!  ;)

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