Monday, September 26, 2011

Thankful Monday! ;)

We should ALL be THANKFUL, for those people who rekindle the INNER spirit!!!
Albert Schweitzer

This week I am TRULY THANKFUL for the people in my life....  I ran across this quote and it "fit" exactly how I felt this past week.... 
There is ALWAYS something to be thankful for, at least in my eyes....  :)
This week I feel like I have finally gone back to that "normalcy," that I'm used too...
I feel like everything has finally calmed down and gone back to normal!!  PHEW!!  It was a LONG road...  But it was one that needed to be "traveled," one that taught me a whole lot about myself, and a whole lot more about the people I surround myself with!!  ;)  My spirit has been "rekindled"  :)
It was a week full of old "favorites,"  dinner with friends at the pond...  Oh how I had missed the "family" feel of these dinners!  ;)
...and quality time with the kids,
...and quality time with friends,
...and there was some blogging, and a little crafting, and some picture taking, and A LOT of baking...  YEP!  Everything's is back to normal here!!!  ;)
I have to mention how much I enjoyed my evening with the kids this week too...  nothing like having/or trying to have an adult conversation with a 3 year old at 11:30PM!!!  haha!! 
...and I "shopped" around for a new lens, I can't wait for it to arrive...  Thanks Jessica for letting "test" yours....  and Lukey for being a very cooperative picture subject...  haha!
....and wine
...and dancing,
...old friends
....and hotel rooms to crash into!  ;)
...girls night's
....anything "pumpkin" have I mentioned this yet?  ;) skies,
.....a 90210, gilmore girl's, and one tree hill marathon day!!
There you have it...  another week's worth of "things to be thankful for"....    What were you thankful for this week??  anything fun and exciting??  ;)
Here's to hoping that everyone has a WONDERFUL week!!  :)

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