Saturday, September 3, 2011

Mr. & Mrs. Cenina

It's VERY seldom we see two people fall in love who we KNOW are ABSOLUTELY, 100% made for each other...  This is the case here...  Angie and Charles totally complete each other...  I LOVE it.  I LOVE that Charles found himself an AMAZING wife!  Welcome to the family Angie, we LOVE you already!!  :) There are A LOT of pictures, so I will try to not write as much..  wish me luck!!  ;)
The sign in table and sign!
the sign in book was soooo cute,
.....and so much fun, they put pictures of themselves from babies to now, and we got to sign around them!!  :)
I left the camera with Matt and this is what I got!  ;)  The bride getting ready....
...and me coming back in, and yes I am on the phone..  and yes I look like a rag-o-muffin!  Thanks mattie, love ya too!!  ;)
We had assigned seats, and it was on the sign that I learned I was married...  AWESOME!!  thanks Angie!  haha!
The photgrapher was late I think, so I started snapping pictures....  weird I know!  ;)
the wedding was YELLOW, and peuter, gray!  My dream...  :)  aren't the flowers pretty?
picture time...
The cernterpieces were super cute...

While the photographer took pictures of the girls and Angie, these guys "looked-out" for the groom who was running late!!! 
Me and Annie!
Angie and her mom!
Angie and her dad..  I LOVE the next few pics of them too!!  ;)

With her parents!
Pretty, Pretty flowers!
Angie and her brother!
I LOVE this picture of Angie and Charles' parents!  LOVE that they're all soooo happy!
The Bridesmaids

Angie made a BEAUTIFUL bride!

Their wedding venue was beautiful as well!
Their wedding favors were personal donations in our names to the ASPCA, and a cake pop!!  ;)  Very unique!

The cake.....  ALL carrot, Charles' request...  haha!
The tables were simple but elegant...  and very cute!  :)
The groomsmen!
Old friends!
...make the best groomsmen!
I feel like I practically grew up with these two...  and I LOVE this picture of them...  It truly shows their playful personality!!
The height difference in this picture cracks me up!!  ;)
The backdrop for the wedding was BEAUTIFUL!!!  LOVED hearing the waterfall during the ceremony!  :)
Walking down the aisly!  she looks ready!!

saying their vows...
Mr. and Mrs. Cenina!
While the newlyweds were off taking more pictures, the rest of us went inside to catch up, and had a cocktail, or two!  ;)  Heather and I had these 80% captain and 20% cokes...  ;)
....and them too!!  ;)
I LOVE that no matter how long it's been, it still feels like it was just yesterday!!  :)
I'm lucky to have so many friends that I know I could count on in a HEARTBEAT....  These girls are definitely part of that group!!  :)  It really does take a long time to "grow an old friend," and we've been "growing" each other for more than 10 years!!!  :)

Mr. and Mrs.
Their first dance....
Time to toast Angie and Charles!
CHEERS....  again!!  ;)

Charles' dad has his own "toast,"  the gist of it??  Love each other, be happy and go pro-create!!  hahaha!!! :)
smile friends!  :)
Me and Heather!
Me and the newlyweds...  Congratulations guys...  :) 
Old friends, and new friends!! 
Time to cut the cake!
....and YES it was ALL carrot!!!  haha!!
Here's to the end of a fun evening surrounded by friends...  We got to be a part of a wonderful event in Charles and Angies lives...  CONGRATULATIONS guys!  May you have many, many years of happiness...  :)  Love you guys!!

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