Sunday, September 11, 2011

Happy Birthday Brody!

Brody turned 4 and had a Pirate party!  haha...  It's all he wanted, that and a Pirate Ship cake...  ;)
the birthday boy and his pirate stuff! 
all the goodies for the table!
...and the treat table...  I set out to make "pirate" type cupcakes...  :)  they were chocolate with red buttercreme and skulls or ghost flags on them!  Jaime made brownie buttons and mini cupcakes!

fun stuff for the kids to entertain themselves with!
the treasure chest pinata...
Jaime found these fun skull suckers...  they were perfect for the treat table...
Brody requested a pirate ship cake...  and this is what I came up with...  I think he was happy!!  ;)
I think this was my FAVORITE place to hang out at...  I'm pretty sure I snacked the whole time I wasn't taking pictures!!  ;)
the food table
The sign at the entrance!  ;)
I had to leave before cake...  Thanks Jessica for taking the pic for me!!  :)
Happy Birthday Brody, I hope you had a GREAT day!!  ARRRHHH!!!  :)

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