Saturday, July 2, 2011

Sea World

The whole time growing up I remember going to Sea World A LOT!!!  I remember my parents got us year passes for YEARS!!  I have some great family memories there!!  This year my parents thought it would be fun to take the girls there...  They went and got the fun pass which allowed them access for the rest of the year...  They decided to go again on the saturday before the holiday!!  oh what the hell right??  it actually wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be...  and we had a TERRIFIC time....  :)
Lu was cracking us up on the way there...  naturally I decided to take her pic!  :)

I LOVE this picture.... I LOVe that the girls love them as much as my parents love them!!  :)
Have I mentioned that I LOVE well groomed planters??  Nothing makes me happier than the chance to photograph a BRIGHTLY well groomed flower!  ;)
Sisterly LOVE...  sort of!!  haha!  ;)
Yellow flowers have to be my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE!!!  :)  they make  me happy!  :D

we went on the wild octopus something or other ride...  and while waiting in a LOOOONG line V decided to pose for my camera..  gotta love it!!  :)

..... say Queso!!  :)  then she said "you're silly MJ"!  I guess I kinda am huh??  ;)

QUESO!!!  hahaha!!!

Lu was getting ready to watch the dolphin show...  look how excited she was!  ;)
Lu and Nina time!!  :)
 Vides and mami!
 ...she seriously clapped like this the WHOLE time the show was on...  haha!!  isn't she sooooo cute!
 pretty dolphins!  :)

 she started doing this "oh my Gosh" move a few days ago...  Oh how I LOVED it!  ;)
 .... and right at nightfallish time we decided to ride the big ol' water coaster thingy and ended up looking like this...  WE GOT SOAKED!!! the ride was lots of fun though!!  ;) 
 then it was time to go home!!  ;)
Here's to another successful trip to sea world....  on the way home we stopped at chik-a-fil-a to eat dinner and then we were on our way!!  I can't wait to go again when it's a little less crowded and take in all of the "sea life" again!!  :)

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