Saturday, July 23, 2011

A visit to the old stompin' grounds!!!

My friend Charles LOVES photography as much as I do...  and his now wife entertains our crazy outings and photo shoot ideas!  ;)  Thanks Angie...  :)  Today we met up for dinner at one of our favorite "home style" italian restaurants in Brea, Lomalie's...  They seriously have the BEST food ever!  :0  We ended up bringing Chris with us this time...  AND he was pleased with the food....  it passed the Chris test, so that's always a good thing!!  ;)
our first course...  Yummy salad, and our complimentary glass of wine! 
The bread is to DIE for!!  ;)
Look at the size of that meatball...  YUMMMMM!!!

..and spumoni for dessert...  ALWAYS spumoni!  :)
Charles, setting up his shot!!  ;)
Here's me...  :)
Bikes on the bike rack.... 
....and the library!  ;)
....and a random ship that was "wrecked" in the middle of the lawn....    this was new????
...and Angie and I picked out my Christmas Tree.... 
Charles' took this one using long exposure...  isn't it AMAZING!!!  :)
...and I fell in LOVE with this palm tree!
Then we trekked on over to the Art Department in search of the infamous ice cream cone!  ;)  On the way there we ran into this fabulous world, and it was nice enough to take it's picture with me!!  ;)
....  and Angie found this other fun sculpture....  ;)
....and we found the ice cream sculpture...   I still don't understand why I was the only one who remembered this??  I guess I spent way too much time in the art department in college!!  ;)
Charles decided he wanted to taste it!!  ewwww...  gross!!  ;)
Then we went back to their place and played pictures, and chatted, and discussed wedding favors and wedding planning!  :)

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