Sunday, July 31, 2011

A fun July Bridal Shower!

Another one bites the dust!!  ;)  well it's that time...  one more of the dorm "kids" is getting hitched...  haha!!  there used to be 4 of us left...  Now there's only 3...  Charles met the most awesome girl to marry... 
The oh soooo cute cakes, complete with chinchilla's made out of fondant...  Angie LOVES chinchilla's, and funfetti cake!!  ;)
Annie made these mandarin orange/mint something or other cupcakes, they were so good, and really cute!  :)
...and they had Maggiano's cater our lunch...  YUMMMM!!!  My eyes are ALWAYS hungrier than my stomach is!  ;)
Me and Angie, I am proud to call her one of my friends now too!!  :)
The bridal party!
The dorm girls....  :)  minus a few.... seems like we're always minus a few!  ;)
LOVE these girls...  :)
Afterwards we went out for coffee, and a little catching up...  It's amazing how blessed I am to have such wonderful friends in my life...  these girls made college life away from home so much fun, and so "do-able"  It's GREAT to think of how much we've all been thru in 14 years of friendship....  Here's to hoping for a lifetime of more memories!!  :)

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