Saturday, July 9, 2011

Hanging out at Virginia's!

aaaahhhhh....  summer time was here quick this year, at least it felt that way!!  :0  One of our summer days we went and spent time at Virginia's, it's always nice to get together with the family, the cousins, the aunt's, the nieces, the nephews, the aunts and uncles, and of course the YUMMYn food that ALWAYS comes with the visit!!  :)
LOOK at that concentration!!!
Cousins!  :)
My mom and my aunt Virginia!  :)
YUMMY guacamole...  I SERIOUSLY couldn't get myself away from this....  I will post the recipe...  AS SOON AS I REMEMBER WHERE I PUT IT!!  ;)
.....and on the menu for today's gathering??  Chiles Rellenos, and tacos...  YUMMMM!!!

Then we got to hang out some more and play!!  :0 
V built a tower.....  ;)
...ummmmm....  NOT sure what Gaby and Mike were doing...  BUT this picture cracks me up..  so it needed to go here!  ;)
...and the babies fought for my dad's attention!!  haha!!
Then Lu got in trouble and ended up in time out....  Not sure who took the picture..  But thanks...  lol!!  :)
...then it was reading bench time with tia Gaby!!  :)  and YES!  they all squeezed in that tiny little bench!  :)
....and Lu removed herself from time out, just in time to notice the boys were playing with HER Gaby...  looks like someone was a just a little jealous...  ;)
good move tia gabs...  ;)
haha!!  say CHEEEESSSEEEE!!!
Cruz bailed and Marquitos started playing ball...  guess the princess story wasn't up their alley!  ;)
Hey everybody...  COME LOOK!!!  :)
and this is what they were all so excitedly looking at...  there were wild rabbits EVERYWHERE!!!! 
....and for dessert?  apple pie and vanilla ice cream!  :) 
I LOVE this kid...  isn't he sooooo cute!!!  :)
My aunt has the BEST view of the city from her house on the hill...  I LOVE it! 
Naturally V wanted to go in the pool when we got home...  her dad pulled the short straw this time...  haha!!  Sorry Rome!  ;)  Looks like they were all enjoying themselves though...  :)
....and we, well, we were having fun posing for pictures....  haha!!  Thanks Mike for being our photographer!!  ;)
Here's to another fun-filled-family-summer day!

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