Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Jaime' B-day Dinner!

We thought it would be appropriate to have a "girls night" to celebrate Jaime's B-day...  We ended up going to the Lazy Dog Cafe, I had never been there and I was definitely NOT dissappointed!  ;)
While waiting for the rest of the girls to arrive Jaime and I decided to order these beauties...  of course I can't remember what they're called now, but it was DELICIOUS!!  I remember mango and strawberry...  ;)  anyone remember it's name?? 
ummmmm...  Megan ordered an iced tea, which didn't make us suspicious at all!!  haha... right after we placed our order she let us in on her "little" secret...  there will be another little person in their family in a few months!!  Congratulations guys!!  :)
smile girls!!  :0
haha!!  love this picture!  :)
and the other side of the table!  :)
...and the rest of the girls! 
I went for the tomato bisque and Kati and I shared a grilled cheese sandwich...  let me tell you it was delicious!!  :)
have I mentioned I LOVE cheese???  ;)
group shot!! 
what do you get the girl who doesn't like cake??  chocolate peanut butter bars...  I think she liked them!!  haha!  :)
ummmm...  I'm definitely NOT a fan of chocolate and peanut butter together, but I think I like the peanut butter bottom thing just fine!!  :)  thank you Brown Eyed Baker for the wonderful and super easy to make recipe!  you can find it here
Happy Birthday again Jaime!!  :)

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