Friday, July 29, 2011

Photo Challenge, Day 20....

...Something that means a lot to us
Photo challenge, day 20, something that means a lot to us...  :)

....For this one I picked the Serenity Prayer...   The Serenity Prayer comes to me at the times in my life when I am desperately looking for direction, when I am looking for a "sign" from God...  It started when my dad was very sick and in the hospital a few years ago...  At that time we didn't know what would happen, I remember I prayed a lot, I pleaded a lot, I asked for direction, for answers...  would he be ok, would we be ok?  would we make it?  It used to come to me at work, in the shower, while I was driving...  and it still does, it comes to me now, in the moments when I'm searching within myself for answers..  The Serenity Prayer is MY reassurance from God that I will be ok, that everything is the way it should be, that I am on the right path, on the path that he has chosen for me...  It is also a source of comfort for me...  the other day I was feeling a little sad, a little confused, and maybe a little lonely and lost...  and there it was the prayer in my head...  :)  ahhhhh...  REASSURANCE, that in time everything will work itself out!!  :)

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