Monday, July 25, 2011

Potatoe, po-ta-to.....

....ahhhh...  I am seriously a creature of habit, I LOVE food, and I LOVE to try new things..  BUT when I find something I like I usually stick to it...  hence my always eating a chile relleno burrito, it's been my "new" favorite for a while now...  today I had a craving...  and I decided to try something new...  well not completely on my own..  haha!!  I think Ruben and Steve tried to reason with me, by saying that I wouldn't know if I liked it unless I tried...  and really what did I have to lose?  nothing...  right??  right...  so off I went, everyone I know LOVES the el potato, with Shredded beef, so that's how I had it...  :)
mmmmmm...... could you not enjoy this?? 
...well I enjoyed it, BUT I WAS REALLY FULL for hours after....  haha...  It is now 10pm and I just now started thinking about eating something for dinner...  I guess the el potato is waaaaayyyy too big for anyone's good...  BUT it was definitly GOOD...  and yes I think I would order it again...  but next time I will make sure not to have eaten the day before!!  ;) 

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