Friday, July 22, 2011

Photo Challenge, Day 13......

....Myself with 13 of my FAVORITE things!
Photo challenge, day 13, me with 13 things
I decided that for this picture I would gather a few of my favorite things and take a picture with them...  now I know it's not the best...  But it's the best I could do, by myself with my phone!!  ;)
1.  My favorite movie, Sleepless in Seattle
2.  Music makes me happy...  so that's my iPod!
3.  My new favorite accessory, my bird wallet!
4.  A bood by Nicholas Sparks, my absolute FAVORITE author, I'm sure I've read all of his books!!  :)
5.  1000 places I want to visit before I die, my traveling Bible...  so far I've crossed off quite a few things!  ;)
6.  My Disneyland Pass = quality time with family and friends!
7.  a cupcake...  have I mentioned I LOVE to bake? 
8.  A snowman ornament left behind from Christmas...  This is my favorite type of "man"....  ;)
9.  My Europe Scrapbook, full of GREAT memories from one of the GREATEST vacations I've taken so far!
10.  my 49's Jersey
11.  1000 cupcakes, cookies, and cakes, one of my baking "Idea" books!!  ;)
12.  MY CAMERA!!!  I LOVE that i've learned how to really use it, and it just goes to further enhance my love for photography...  :)
13.  and my Angel's hat...  you can't really see it, but it's on my head...  I LOVE the baseball, and the Angels are my favorite team!

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