Sunday, July 17, 2011

Ella and kaelyn's hello kitty cake treats!

Miss Ella and Mis Kaelyn turned 5 in July, so their mommies decided to have a hello kitty themed party for them...  you can read more about it here......  :)
I set out to make a cake...  which ended up being a big bundt cake and mini ones all around it...  :)
 ...and mini cupcakes...  :)
and I also set out to make hello kitty cake pops, which we found on the bakerella website!  they were so fun to make... and my sister was nice enough to help me, which meant quality time for us..  so it was a win, win!! ;)  thanks for all your help sister!!  :)
step one, two,three, and four!!  haha!!

...and the final product...  this one was my favorite!!  ;)  

Hello Kitty's everywhere!!  :)

super easy to make and thankfully bakerella is good at giving good directions..  :)  they were so fun that we made them again a few days later... ;)
Happy Birthday girls...  we hope you had a good day!!  :)

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