Thursday, June 30, 2011

A day at Silverwood Lake!

Jaime and Chris invited us out on the boat to celebrate her b-day...  and it just so happened that I was off that day!!  ;)  so off Vides and I went....  we met up with everyone and caravaned up to the lake....  I ended up taking most of the pictures with my phone...  so here they are!!  ;) 
Vides was so excited for the boat ride...  ;)
MJ!!!  this one's for mami and papi!  ;)
Miss Ella was excited for the ride too!
say CHEESE!!!!
me and Brody were ready too!
she really was taking it all in!!  ;)
when we came back, everyone else went back out on the boat...  I stayed behind and hung out with Luke and Jaikey boy, and Sandy....  ;)  Von Vogaye guys!! 
we played in the water, and threw rocks, and ate lots and lots of goldfish...  and we even saw a squirrel or two and some butterflies....  while the others were out tubbing and swimming and appearantly jumping off the side of boats....  leave it to Vides to do that...  and YES Chris she does know how to swim!  ;)  sorry I forgot to mention that....  ;)  thanks again for entertaining her guys!
amaria...  watch this!!  haha!

"scoping" his next rock!!  ummmm...  yes Luke!  It's too big!!  :/

playing around!

why hello Mr. Owen!

then they started posing for pictures!  ;)

......on the rocks....  it was so cute!!  :)

Pictures from the iPhone...  Thanks Jessica!  ;)
Me and the kiddos looking for shells!  :)

Me and Mr. Owen...He wanted to go "OVER THERE!!"  ;)

the girls!

Jaime took V on the tube...  she LOVED it...  and wouldn't stop talking about it!  Thanks Jessica for taking a pic!  ;)

OMG!!  haha!
hanging out.....

haha!!  Me and Mr. Owen again...

Happy Birthday Jaime...  :) The chocolate cake was yummylicious!! 
.....and we all relaxed, while the kids ran around!  ;)

 Chris got our carne asada started....  :)
 V and I got our picture taken!  Thanks Jessica!  :)
 ....and while all the BIG kids got the food ready and chit chatted, the LITTLE kids played....
 .....and our birthday girl fell asleep....  gotta LOVE just being able to relax!  ;)
 the girls searched the crevices of rocks looking for shells!
 and they ran around a little

 ......and ran around a little
 then Chris took us back out for one more spin on the boat!  :) 
 Luke was unsure... so we ended up leaving him behind, we ended up coming back for him though....  and I'm glad I did...  he had a good time the second time around!  ;)
 In the meantime, Jessica snapped this good looking shot...  the scenery and ambiance at the lake was seriously awesome!  :)
 when we got back the girls played some more....
 and the rest of us played on the water some more!
we sang a quick happy birthday to Jaime, and decided that we would take the cake and eat it on the "other" side.... 
the kids really enjoyed the chocolate cake....  and I must say I did too...  It was definitly tasty!  :)

the birthday goods....  :)

...... and she was out before we even started our trek down the mountain.... 

.....AND I had to stop by starbucks just to keep myself entertained on the way home!!  :)

Nothing like a day that spent with good friends, celebrating a birthday while having an all around great time.....  :)  thanks again Jaime and Chris for taking us all out, and Happy Birthday again Jaime...  I hope your day was a wonderful one!!  :)

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