Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Wonderful Wednesday!

Everything happens in 3's....
good things and bad things, ALL always come in three's...  I've always, always believed that!  and today it all came thru...  REALLY it started last night at the baseball game.   ;)  Today I woke up and re-played yesterday's GOOD news!  V and I went to the Angel game with the Haselwood's and a bunch of other people...  when we got there and found our seats, I "checked in" on facebook...  you know, seeing if anything was "new"....  ;)  found out some old college friends were there...  we went and found them and said hello, caught up....  and I found out some WONDXERFUL news...  they have put in their paperwork and are on their way to hopefully adopting...  :)  after many  frustrating years of not "knowing" why they couldn't have kids of their own, they're finally on their way to hopefully becoming parents...  :)  I was so excited for them....  they're gonna make WONDERFUL parents to a little someone someday!!  ;)  And I can't wait to meet this little someone!!  :) 
then today my morning started with the most wonderful txt message from Jaime...  she FINALLY passed her boards...  I couldn't be any more excited for her either...  it's been a journey!!  and NOT a good one...  and boy was I wrong when I told her it would be the BEST news I'd hear all day!!  ;) 
later on, I found out that another one of my friends is expecting another baby!!!  YIIPPPEEEE!!  I can't wait to meet this new little bundle of joy either!!  Congratulations DeBran and Kenny!!  ;)  so there it is...  a WONDERFULLY good news FILLED Wednesday!!  :) I hope everyone had a wonderful day too!! 

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DeBran said... that is an exciting day for sure!! Thanks lady!! :)