Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Hanging with Aunt Ruthie!!

I got to meet Aunt Ruthie, from sugarpiefarmhouse...  She is seriously amazing....  much more than I imagined....  ;)  appearantly DeBran knows her, so she planned a small get-together so we could meet her and chit chat....  How exciting that Aunt Ruthie agreed to meet with a bunch of girls who she didn't even know!  ;) 
haha!!  I LOVE that she was excited to meet us too!
the girl's reaction as she walked in....  I was in on the little secret, so I got to take pics, and see their reactions...  they were priceless...  :)
Aunt Ruthie was just as excited to meet Melissa....  I guess she follows Melissa's fabulous blog too!  ;)
.....I LOVE that Kati just sat there and watched!  ;)
then there was BIG hugs.... 
..... we sat aroud and talked, she asked us about us, and we asked her questions, she gave us VERY VALUABLE advice, about EVERYTHING!  DeBran made a delicious sugar pie.....  how fitting!  ;)
.....and there was yummy Lemon mini cupcakes, and the most delicious cherries, I know...  I couldn't STOP EATING THEM!!!  haha!
our fabulous hostess......
after a wonderful evening of talking with the girls literally until almost midnight, we seriously had a great time, we decided to take a group picture...  of course the pie was part of it too!  ;)  Thanks Kenny for taking the picture for us!

haha!!!  hurry up and cut that cake already!  ;0
The look on Jessica's face cracks me up!  It's like she's saying "hurry up already!"  ;)  I was thinking the same thing!  ;)
.....and we can't forget the mixed berry pie!
......and Miss Layla finally gave up!  :)  she was such a trooper, and I'm pretty sure she had a good time too...  ;)
Me and MELISSA!!!
Our oh so thoughtful gift from Aunt Ruthie and her daughter!
.....and she even signed them for us!  AWESOME!!!
Say Cheese!
Thank you Ruthann for giving us such helpful advice....  and thank  you DeBran for planning such a fun evening for us girls!  ;)

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