Thursday, June 9, 2011

Exploring Del's house!

Thursday night I trekked down to Coronado to hang out with my little people friends!  ;)  we ordered room service, watched Gnomeo and Juliet....  TWICE and then went out late into the night to explore the place "Del" calls home....  ;) 
Geesh...  good thing I ordered the children's sandwich...  I'm afraid of what the BIG people sandwich would of came out looking like!!  haha!!  ;)  and yes the sandwich was as good as it looked...  and those steak fries...  YUMMM!!! 
after we ate and finished the first run around of the movie we went out for a little ice cream...  ;)  Naturally Lukey choose the orange one!
Miss Ella's was a sprinkled one....  with a cherry!
haha!  Looks like they're enjoying their ice cream!  ;)
.....and mine was a brownie swirl vanilla one they had....  I LOVED it, and that's rare for me....  I'm usually a "vanilla" ice cream girl, but this one was GREAT!!  just like the picture shows!
so we took our ice creams and went down to the beach to eat... 

when we got down there, we, well I, finished my ice cream, while they ran around the beach....  then we came up to this, Luke inquired on wether I may be able to build them one of these?  hmmmm....  Ella must of noticed my uncertainty, because she preceded to tell me "mommy brought us sand toys, they're in our hotel...  we can just go back and get them, and you can build us this?"  ahhhh...  the innocense of kids...  I LOVE it...  maybe next time I come out I told them....  (I better get on practicing)
Lukey told me stories of when he was "a little boy,"  haha!!  That still makes me laugh as I write this!  ;)
then we went exploring around the hotel, thru secret passages, and such, we found the LIGHTED pool, and a dragon tree, and then we stumbled upon a bonfire
and SMORES!!!!  :)
They really wanted to do it, and why not?    looks like they both enjoyed their smores!

as we were leaving, the guy asked them if they wanted to take some "smores" back with them...  and you can probably assume their answer, just by the look of excitement on their faces!  ;)
making their smores....    (this one's a straggler, it came from my phone, and I remembered about it later)

So there it is...  a fun afternoon/night with the kiddos, I'm thinking we all really enjoyed ourselves.... ;) Jessica and Bobby came back with the most AMAZING house coffee from starbucks that I had ever tasted....  all it had was half and half, I didn't even need to add sugar, and let me tell you that I haven't stopped thinking about it since!  ;)  Thanks guys for always letting me spend quality time with the kiddos....  :D

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jessica said...

thank you for always helping us out! the kiddos had a great time!! they wouldn't stop talking about the dragon tree. and all they wanted to do was "explore!" haha! ;)