Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Angel's vs. Nationals

Debran and Kenny invited us to an Angel game....  Originally I thought V wasn't gonna come with me...  BUT she didn't let me leave without her...  so off we went!  :)  We had had a playdate with Jaime and the boys earlier in the day, and they swam their little hearts out...  she tried to tell me she wasn't tired...  BUT I knew better....  I told her to just try and rest and she was out before we were even on the freeway!!  haha!!  pheeew...  at least I knew she would be getting a nap!  ;)
....and I got this when we arrived!!  :D
an MJ and V picture!  :0
the rest of the "group"!
....and from our seats I got to enjoy the most beautiful sunset!
the kids posing for me...  I think they had a good time...  what do you think?  ;)
awwww...  Missy got a new hat!!  :)  I think she liked it!
mommy and baby(s)  ;)
great view of the game! right after this V and I went for a walk to say hello to some of my college friends that were also at the game...  gotta LOVE facebook and its "check-in notifications"  ;)
we ate dinner, I promise...  and then the kids shared a little cotton candy!  :)
I have no idea why, but this picture cracks me up!  :0
I LOVE this picture of a daddy trying to explain the game to his son!  ;)
V decided to join them....   what's one more kid...  right??  ;)
homerun fireworks!  :0

....and there you have it...  a fun-filled baseball game with friends...  lots and lots of friends, and lots and lots of food to go with it!!  :)  thank you DeBran and Kenny for thinking of us!! I can't wait to do it again!!  ;)

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