Sunday, June 26, 2011

Thankfully BUSY weeks......

......are now behind me!  ;)
The last few weeks have been so busy I feel like I really haven't had time to do much, while also feeling like I am doing a lot, but most of it I'm just "barely" getting  by with.....  between baby showers, baptisms, birthday parties, weddings, WORK, Disneyland, SLEEPING, (always get's in the way!)  ;)  baking, favor making, and just plain hanging out, I feel like I'm going to really have to start "scheduling" my time.... even more than I do now!  yikes....  on a positive note though.... 
here's a little sneak peak at what's been going on for the last few weeks...  I will write posts on these later!  ;) 
there was a fun "old fashioned" summer baby shower for Rachelle
 and Miss Lulu Bee got Baptized!
and I did manage to make and assemble some chocolate wedding favors for a family friend's "surprise" wedding! 

 ....and I attended a "surprise" wedding at the mission in San Juan Capistrano!
....and I got to make a butterfly cake for Lucy! 
So there you have it....  another 2 weeks of "fullness" to be grateful for!!  :)  here's to hoping everyone has a wonderful week ahead!!  :)

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