Thursday, June 2, 2011


MELISSA had a birthday on June 4th....  It was the BIG one this year!  ;)  What better way to celebrate than with a tasty dinner at Lucille's BBQ?  Jessica thought it would be approriate to make it a girl's night, so off we went to celebrate a very special friend's birthday with good food and great friends!  ;)
Miss Layla came to celebrate her mommy's birthday too!  and I LOVE this picture of them!  

 This is what I call the "old school" crew....  I've known these girls FOREVER!  since way back in elementary school days I think!!  the only one missing was Jaime!
 haha!!  me and CARRRLIE!!
 Carlie and Miss Layla were uploading pics to their facebooks, and twitter!  ;)
 and miss DeBran.....
 Melissa and I had talked about stepping out of our "food" boxes this time around...  I always order the same thing at Lucille's....  I found something I liked so I was always scared to try something else...  so if you have never tried the tri tip salad, you should...  that's what I always get...  HOWEVER this time I decided on something completely different...  I ordered the fried chicken and mashed potatoes, with a corn on the cobb...  AND let me tell you it was DELIGHTFUL!!  I would definitly order it again!  :)  and no I didn't eat it all in one sitting, although I'm pretty sure, maybe I could of!  ;)
Melissa stepped out of her box too....  doesn't her plate look delicious?   ok I should be fair and state that she did order for 2...  ;) 
 While we ate, Miss DeBran and Miss Layla got to hang out!  :)
 ....and thanks to Jessica we had the most AMAZING birthday cake...  a carrot one from Rosa's....  YUMMM....

 The girls!

Happy Birthday MEELLIIIISSSSAA!!!  I hope you had a great birthday!  and I can't wait to celebrate again....  next year!!  ;)

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