Saturday, June 11, 2011

A visit with an old friend!

Friends are the most important part of your life. Treasure the tears, treasure the laughter, but most importantly, treasure the memories.
- Dave Brenner
Going away to college and living away from home was probably one of the best experiences of my life....  While at the dorms I met lots of fun people who eventually became my "family" away from home...  It's been 14 years and we still keep in close contact...  we ALL get together a few times a year, but we all separatly hang out  few times a month or so, and it's GREAT to know that when it's important everyone is just about a phone call away and more than willing to get together....  at the drop of a hat!  :)  My dorm group is very diverse...  We laugh that it's very representative of the "world,"  Everyone is from somewhere different!  Ying is our Malaysian friend....  She ended up meeting her husband Andrew online, and picked up and got married, then they moved to England where Andrew is from...  They're back in Malaysia now, but they come out to the states every couple of years...  and we were all so excited to see them, and they were excited to plan an afternoon lunch so we could all catch up!  It's always nice to catch up and talk, and it's even better when it's done around good food and while surrounded by great people!  :)
The Group!  Carl wanted to join our picture!  ;)
Me and Casey K.
The original dorm girls, minus 3.....  Melissa, Christy and Sheri we missed you.....
smile everyone!  third time's a charm!  ;)
Ying with the boys.....  Once upon a time, Matt was the tallest in the group...  sadly for him, Andrew came along!  ;)
Me and Ying.....  It's always nice to catch up and chit chat with my old malaysier friend....  until next time.....  Ying Ying!  :D  Here's to more great memories! 
"Life gives us brief moments with another...but sometimes in those brief moment we get memories that last a life time..."

- Author Unknown

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