Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The first day of summer....

Ahhhhh....  the first day of summer came and went...  weather was PERFECT!  and it really was a "summer" day!  :)  Bea, Rome and the girls are visiting for a few weeks, so we decided to celebrate by swimming for the first time, and having a fun hot dog lunch in the backyard...  :) 
Who doesn't LOVE a good ol' American Hot Dog??  ;)
Nothing says first day if summer like a good ol' American tradition hot dog by the pool..  ;)

Vides had a blast swimming.... 
....and then she had fun "posing" for me while we dried off and ate!  ;)  she's so "growed up" now...  I'm not sure if I like it!  :/
Then we had our picnic, and sat outside enjoying the rest of the afernoon!
Rome and Lulu, sat and watched while we played in the pool some more!  ;)

When we were done, we dried off, some of us napped, I went and had my nail fixed...  and met up with a some friends, When I came home, we took off to Sushi for dinner....  Vides came with us, but Lulu stayed home with my parents!  ;)
peeling her edemames....
then our rolls started to arrive....  :)  that's a tiger roll on the left, and a mexican roll on the right...  YUMMM!!!!
....and we moved on to the viking roll!  yes!  it was on fire!  ;)
then the boys ordered something called a "volcano"?    By this time I was too full to sample anymore!  ;S

Live shrimp anyone??  ummmm...  they definetly get extra points for "presentation"

Going to Sushi with Rome and Mike is no "joke"  haha!!  so while they were "finishing" off the volcano, and whatever else they had ordered Vides and I went to find the fountain, made wishes, and took pictures of flowers!!!  ;)
Isn't she pretty?  ;)
Pretty, pretty flowers...   :)  how could I not LOVE them??  ;)
....then we went back for Gaby and Bea, and went to Baskin Robbins next door....  ummmmm...  seriously how could we tell her no??  ;)
How could I say no to this?  ;)
we went back to watch the boys finish their sushi....  then we went home!  so there you have it...  a wonderful start to summer for us!!  ;) 

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