Monday, May 30, 2011

Thankful Sunday

This week has definitly been full of lessons, and gifts :)  Here are just a few I am thankful for....
  • friends
  • open conversation with friends
  • "special" project planning
  • scrapbooking...  one of my LOVES!
  • NEW prescriptions
  • contacts
  • new glasses..... finally
  • coffee
  • collaborating with friends
  • Celebrations of milestone Anniversaries!
  • the dollar store
  • words of appreciation
  • weekend getaways
  • weddings
  • old friends, new friends
  • Sisco puppy :)
  • watching people be humbled by a story we should all learn from
  • opening myself once again for other people's "stories" and learning from them
  • impromptu taco dinners
  • Jaime's Chris, and his handy-builder "skills"  ;)
  • people's reactions to something worked on and given with love!  ;)
  • ferry rides
  • Vista's cinnamon rolls, I can't believe I'd never had one...  rest assured it will not be my last...  THANKS Debbie and Melissa for introducing me to one!  ;)
  • rainy sundays!
  • fluffy clouds
  • Love poems, and sayings
  • Catalina, and a fun weekend spent with friends
  • chit chatting and catching up with old college friends!

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