Sunday, May 1, 2011

Grateful sunday! :)

"Reflect Each Day On All You Have To Be Grateful For And You Will Receive More To Be Grateful For." -Chuck Danes
Here's to another week full of things to be grateful for,
  • sunsets
  • BBq's with friends
  • picture phones
  • Whatcha doing? txt messages in the middle of the night...  ;)
  • last minute dinner plans with friends
  • baseball games
  • AWESOME seats behind home plate
  • hot dogs
  • peanuts
  • root beer
  • cotton candy
  • ....and Oreo Shake "ice cream"
  • catching up with friends
  • 10 hours of UNINTERRUPTED sleep!  :D
  • work, and the consistency of it
  • confidence
  • driving with the windows down
  • books, and the information/lessons they bring
  • pistachio/marshmallow salad, I could have seriously eatten the whole bowl!  ;)
  • pedi's and amazing foot massages
  • words of appreciation
  • my massager, it's definitly one of the best presents I've ever received!  :)
  • "grown up" talk with my mom
  • pictures
  • crafts
  • a "FULL" calendar!!  ;)
  • hamburgers
  • PJ's and staying in them almost all day  ;)
  • a full day to catch-up
  • drive thru's, how else could I have gotten a yummy hamburger while still in clothes so comfortable they look like PJ's?  ;)
  • "serious" conversation with my little brother, about LOVES lost, and of what "could've been's?" who knew that at our age we'd be at the same place in our lives?  life is funny sometimes!  ;)
  • babies taking their first steps!
  • Skype
  • The smell of fresh laundry straight out of the dryer
  • a chance to start anew, and for another week full new "grateful gifts"

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