Thursday, May 19, 2011

"Un-GRACEful" Thursday.....

ahhhhhh!!!!  Thursday...  Thursday started off GREAT!!  I got up early, put some final touches on one of the "special" projects I'm working on....  I watched the news, ate a cream filled empanada, MY FAVORITE!!  had a cup of coffee.... and preceded to get ready for work...  SO FAR IT WAS A GOOD DAY!!!  haha!!

I used to LOVE thursdays, today not so much....  Today I felt like I was in the Twilight Zone all day!! hahai!  It wasn't a BAD day!  not at all, but it was definitely an "ungraceful" day!  you know the type of days when nothing goes really wrong...  but nothing goes right either??  Half an hour into my shift today I wanted to cry...  haha!!  Guess I should of gone with my first instinct, and NOT broken sown the milk load...... Hindsight REALLY is 20/20, The milk load and I got in a fight, and the stack won....  well sort of, a few gallons of milk suffered in the fight, BUT I did get our of the way...  in case anyone was wondering...  after I managed to make the mess, I decided it would be in my best interest to trade with the dairy guy who came in an hour later for a checking shift...  ;)  in the checkstand I managed to ask people i they were familiar with the pots and pans promotion THAT'S BEEN OVER FOR OVER 3 MONTHS....  haha!  don't worry a half hour before I was off I managed to get the promotion right...  GAS REWARDS!!  haha!!  
WHAT A MESS!!!  Yikes!

THANKFULLY the day go better....  :)  I came to hang out with Miss Ella, Mr Luke, and Mr Owen...  and we had a fun time enjoying the afternoon!  
Ella suggested we "follow" this snail to see where he went..  

....BUT he was moving too slow for her liking so she helped him up....  and preceded to find the rest of his family!!  haha!!

counting the "family members"

haha!!  THANK God she didn't make me touch them....  I'm not a snail fan...  shhh.....  don't tell Ella or Brody!

posing for Mommy!

Then we decided to play with the finger paints!  ;)

....and we came up with these guys...  she wanted our pictures to look the same!  ;)  ummmm...  we tried!  ;)

....and for dinner we put together a picnic!  ;)  egg sandwiches, a plate of cut up pineapple, apples and grapes for us....  and Mac and Cheese for Owen...  Lukey ended up going with Jessica and Bobby!!  :)

....and after the kids went to be I ended the night with this...  a cup of cafe mocha, with whipped cream...  YUMMM!!!

so there it is...  my ungraceful thursday in a nutshell!!  ;)  It really is true that kids make it all better though...  Thanks Jessica and Bobby for letting me have quality time with the kids, even after I shared "ungraceful" thursday events with you!!  ;)  it really is true that kids can turn a day around....  I think I'm ready to take on tomorrow....  There's no milk load in my schedule, so it's a better day already!!  ;)

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