Friday, May 20, 2011

Oh No!!!

.....The World's gonna end TOMORROW!!!  ;)   (dang I really need to keep up with the blog of mine)
May 21st to be exact!  ;)  we all know how much I enjoy a good meal, so naturally I couldn't let the last day of the world go without celebration...  and a celebration is what we had....  complete with a cajun rib eye, and strawberry lemonade!  ;)  My sister went to the gym....  my parents and I went to lonestar steak house...  :)
My meal started with a salad!  ;)  and a yummy lemonade!
me and mom!  ;)
haha!  my dad witing for his meal...  and surprising enough, the napkin wasn't big enough....  ;)
Have I mentioned how much I LOVE food??  ;D
My dad had a WHOLE rack of ribs....  Gosh I can't even begin to describe how thankful I still am EVERYDAY, that he's all fixed up and better! 
....and there it is, our "end of the world" meal!  and a fun time hanging out with the parents!  ;)  Oh and if you haven't been to Lonestar and tried the cajun rib eye....  you TOTALLY should!  ;)

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