Sunday, May 29, 2011

Our Catalina Adventure.... Part 1

Bobby and Jessica had a 10 year Anniversary party in Catalina....  They were nice enough to invite all of us to come...  We all had a REALLY GREAT time....  and I think we decided that we should take "group" vacations more often....  ;)  Some people went out on Thursday, others on Friday, and most of us went out early Sunday morning....  It was GREAT to be able to travel with a BIG group of friends....  now without further ado...  I will bring you on our adventure!  ;)
The day started out sorta rainy, BUT I was blessed with a morning rainbow, so naturally everything was going to be ok....  or was it?  ;)
I picked up donuts for us.... 
met everyone at our "meeting" place and then we were on our way!!  ;)  We got to Newport with plenty of time, got our tickets and got in line....  I decided that we needed to take pictures....  and am I glad I did.....  ;)  Me and Momma Rachelle, ready to set sail....
The Mr. was ready too....  haha!
Jaikey Boy was not really a happy camper, he got woken up early to travel....  Not even a donut hole helped his mood....  poor Jaime!  ;)
Missy was ready too!
on our ferry...  awaiting the ride!
haha!!  everyone was still happy....  ;)
the kids thought it would be fun to check out the water.....
......and we were off!  I LOVED the sights of Newport as we were taking off!
Me and Kati.....  good thing I got one BEFORE dry picture of us! 
the we started being silly!
Look who we found!!  More party people!!  ;)  Mike and Kim came too!
.....and it begins....  it slowly started to get windy!  ;)  I had the big camera and was capturing our trip, from BEHIND the lens!  ;)  and YES Ryan had that smile on his face the WHOLE time....  he may of been the ONLY occupant of the ferry that was this happy the whole time!!  lol!
The water was a beautiful shade of blue....  I couldn't take enough of it in!
and ALL OF A SUDDEN it turned into this, scary gray water/sky....  ummmmm  time to go put the big camera away guys! 
....BUT not before I got a picture of the pod of dolphins that Mike was yellling at me about....  haha!!!  they were in the water, right behind us!...
How AWESOME is that??  I LOVE dolphins.... 
OOOOHHHHH   EEEEMMMMMM  GGGGEEEEEE!!! more picture and then I took the camera inside..... 
...But don't worry, I continued taking pictures with my phone!  ;)
haha!!  it started to "rain" on us!  ;)
haha!!!  ;)  It sorta felt like we were on a BAD scene of Titanic! 

Don't we look pretty??  ;)

The sky went back to being beautiful and the waters calmed down....  FINALLY, but not before a few people turned green right in front of our eyes!  :/
....and finally we had arrived...  Oh what a beautiful sight of the island!!
..... we didn't look so pretty, but we didn't care, we made it thru our adventure and we were ready to party!  ;)
There's that smile again!!  haha!!  in the meantime everyone around him is not feeling so well! 
Jaime just wanted to get to her hotel, and I kept taking pictures.....  ;)
and there you have it...  we all looked like wet dogs, Rachelle was told her hair looked like a bad wig, and I grew a bird's nest on top of my head during our hour and 15 minute ferry ride....  Overall it was a great trip for me...  not sure I can say the ferry ride was everyone's favorite, I didn't mind it, I was just tired from the long week I had had before....  after we arrived we all went to our hotel rooms, showered, rested and got ready for the party!!  :D
...... and that will be part 2!  ;)

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Kati said...

oh my gosh...seriously such funny pics! I am just catching up on blogs right now! HA! :)