Sunday, May 8, 2011

Grateful, thankful, and LOVED!

Another week has come and gone...  and there are a lot of things I re-learned again this week, so many of those are things I need to be grateful and thankful for, and those "lessons" put together make me feel LOVED.....  :D
  • Actions really do speak louder than words   :D
  • soul searching and the "rewards" that have re-surfaced with it...  for me!
  • Into the night chit chat's with friends...
  • understanding
  • reassurance
  • Baseball with Luke
  • Ella asking if I would be joining them at the "party" all of her friends were coming she said....  ;)
  • Jakey boy making himself at home on my lap...
  • girl talk
  • chile relleno burritos....  WHY IS IT THAT I HAD NEVER HAD ONE BEFORE??
  • party planning with friends
  • Last minute invites to Angel games
  • spontaneity
  • fireworks
  • feeling "safe and taken care of"
  • Inspirational words and sayings
  • MOM'S.... and everything they stand for!
  • The beach
  • Celebrations
  • caring words
  • family
  • FOOD, and our abily to have it when we want it!  ;)
  • Finding new ways to blog....  Thanks for the heads up Jessica!  ;)
  • Puppies, and their unconditional love!
  • the wind....
  • yogurt with friends!
  • errands with friends
  • Happy "Godmother's" day phone calls!  ;)

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