Friday, May 13, 2011


I LOVE an impromptu, last minute Disneyland trip like the next gal!  ;)  Jessica txted that they were going....  so I decided to join them when I got off of work....  It was a friday afternoon so traffic was a breeze....  Since they had to renew passes and buy new passes, I got there just about the time they were getting ready to go on their first ride!!  and what do you know...  it was Pirates!!  ;)  Jessica took this picture, and I went ahead borrowed it....  ;)  there's something about Disneyland and fantasy it brings us that I love....  :)
After Pirates Miss Ella and I ran off to toontown, to see if we could ride the rollercoaster while the rest of the peeps went on buzz....  we had no luck, but had fun running all through the park together....  ok...  i ran while she rode on the stroller!  ;)
I guess they had to wait an unusually long time to renew the passes so they gave Bobby 2 FRONT OF the line passes to any ride....  I tried to leave since I had to work in the morning....  BUT I was quickly persuaded to stay and ride the tower of terror....  how could I pass up front of the line tickets??  ;)  AND it was Jaime and Chris' first time...  Jessica and I enjoyed seeing the reaction they had!!  lol...  I seriously LOVE this ride!!  haha
We ended up using the other pass for space mountain, which was a treat because that ride ALWAYS has at least an hour long line!!!  Thank you Bobby for volunteering to sit with the kids so we could have fun on the rides...  ;)  Look at the smile on all of our faces....   haha!! 

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