Thursday, May 5, 2011

Feliz Cinco de Mayo!

In case you haven't figured it our yet.... we don't need a good reason to throw a party, get the girls and kids together for a good ol' time.....  so Cinco de Mayo seemed like an appropriate reason to eat lots of good authentic mexican food, chit chat, and play at the park! 
And of course we invited our good ol' friend Senor Burro along this time!!  ;) I traveled far and away, ok maybe not that far away!!  ;)  to special order this little guy, and let me tell you that I was NOT dissappointed when I picked him up!  ;)
....and Kati brought the most delicious themed kookies!  ;)
the girls put on a mean spread!
authentic "pico de gallo" by Janet!  let me tell you the fresh fruits were awesome....  I may of eaten more than my share!  ;)
talking, and eating....  two things I do well!
....and self portraits....  another thing we do well!  ;)
hangin' with the babies!
The kids listening patiently!  HA!
.....and then it was pinata time!  :D  poor guy was so heavy he lost his head before we even started.....
BUT, that didn't stop anyone!
....Brody hit him so hard....
....that he ended up facing the wrong way!!  haha!
.....and Charlie picked up the pinata's pieces...
......and decided to wear them!  ;)
then the girls took their turns!

and Jaime and I took a second off to take a pic, or two.....
Lukey's looking for somewhere safe to place his "stash"!
....and Brody's trying to get just ONE more piece of candy in that bag!  :D
 ......and there you have it...  a Cinco de Mayo filled with food, friends and fun!  :)  until next year!!!

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