Friday, May 27, 2011

I can see, I can see, I can see.... :)

...... and obviously it doesn't take much to make it all giddy inside, haha!! 
Good bye scary nighttime driving,
and blurry EVERYTHING,
and small/blurry computer screen,
and squinting so I could focus....  feels weird not to have to do this anymore!  ;)
and halos around lights,
billboards I never could actually read before... and YES that was with my old contacts in....  ;) haha
hello super clear EVERYTHING,
and hello bright colors,
and hello words written everywhere!  ;)
and hi there clear computer screen writing...  I do believe I will spend more time on you now!  ;)
and hello street signs...
YIIPPEEE new glasses and contacts!  ;)  It really is the little things!  ;)
weird how our bodies, eyes, and ears work huh?? 
isn't it amazing what we take forgranted on a daily basis??  I am OBVIOUSLY not one of the one's with perfect vision...  haha!! 
Happy Bright and clear weekend everyone!  ;)


DeBran said...

lol....I'm so glad you can see now!!! ;)

Karen Carter said...

I remember when I got my contacts and found out there was blades of grass? Who knew. I am so glad as much as you drive that now you can do so better and more safely!