Saturday, May 7, 2011

"Live like you were dying"

What a GREAT song, it totally makes me wonder if I'm "living like I was dying" everytime I hear it...  and it's days like today, that really remind me that our time on earth is NOT guaranteed...  I found out a few days ago, that a guy I went to High School with passed away, he died in a motorcycle accident, on his way to work earlier in the week...  This story alone REMINDS me how much I DISLIKE motorcycles...  :(  
I haven't talked to Andy in years..  BUT, he was in a lot of my classes and I "knew" him then....  he was younger than me, the same age as my BFF's....  weird huh?  really makes me think about the things I've worried about in the last few days, weeks, months...  petty things, things that sorta kept me from "living everyday to the fullest..."  from "living like I was dying,"  What makes this story hit a little closer to home is that LESS than a month ago another classmate passed away, Sean and Andy were best friends even to this day....  what a weird turn of events....  Today was Andy's funeral, I didn't go, but I thought about him today, and it reminded me that my days here are "counted" and I don't know when my last day will be, so I really need to try my hardest to make everyday count....  :) 

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