Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Trying a little something new!

On monday I spent almost my whole hour trying to decide what to have for lunch!  I decided on Micky-D's and even though it was tasty while I was eating it, I regretted my decision as soon as I finished...  UGH...  Not the best meal I could of had...  so on tuesday I woke up and decided I would start making my lunches for work...  I went to the store and bought fixins for lunch...  and went ahead and packed away!!  I ended up with this little guy...  he was so good, and kept me from spending half my lunch trying to make a decision... ;) And I actually waited until lunch time to eat it, which is another reason I stopped packing my lunch, for a while there I was eating 2 lunches....  ;)  that and the fact that I have a problem "committing" to a food choice the night before!!  ;)  haha!  so far so good though....  the first day went well...  let's see how long this lasts? ;)

I ended the day by running errands and then meeting Jaime and the boys for yogurt....  They have pineapple and coconut together again!!!  and I absolutely lost my mind, and thoroughly enjoyed this tasty and refrshing treat!!  ;) 

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