Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Thank You Tuesday!!! :)

Tuesday, tuesday is my new favorite day off....  I seem to get so much accomplished on tuesdays!!  ;)  and it's also a day that starts with "T" so why not include it as a "thank you" day??  there are so many things that I need so say thank for....  EVERYDAY!!!  But it always seems more appropriate on a day that starts with "T" so here we go!!  ;)
  • getting "giddy" over crafting, scrapbooking, candy making, knitting once again....  I feel like I've been in a slump....  But it appears that I'm back....  ;)
  • friends
  • kids
  • Birthday BBQ's
  • Pictures
  • lists...
  • again, heart to heart conversations with my little brother!  ;)
  • understanding
  • compassion....
  • future "vacations", and get-aways
  • party planning, even if they're not my own!  ;)
  • shopping with the BFF's and the kids
  • Pineapple/coconut yogurt....  YUMMM!!
  • BRC's.....  :) 
  • Boston Baked Beans
  • Sixlets
  • quality time with the kiddos
  • V's summer plans!  haha
  • Today especially I have to say THANK-YOU for answered prayers!  :)
  • Movies on-demand
  • The pool being up and running again!!  and the fact that it's almost summer time!
  • FB, even though I could do without some of the drama that comes out of it!  ;)
  • walking for a "cause"
  • fundraising for the same cause
  • meeting people who have been affected by cancer, and seeing how it has affected their lives....  mostly for the good....  It's always amazing to me how people who have had something traumatic happen to them, ALWAYS appear happier than the rest of us, I think it's because they have learned how not to take life for-granted, something I too learned years ago....  
  • anniversaries, and feeling  100% better, 98% of the time!
  • COFFEE!!!!  :D
I think that's it for this week....  I hope everyone has a GREAT week......  :D

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