Sunday, September 5, 2010

summer southern sit down

Did someone say "let's have a Summer Get-Together?"  ;)  You better believe it....  :D  Jessica and Sarah threw the cutest little southern sit-down to bid "farewell" to summer.....  Their attention to detail is always amazing....  :)  The food was great, there were more treats than we knew what to do with....  and the company was terrific as always....  :)  come join me on a "picture" tour of our "farewell"....
The welcome sign.....  did I mention their attention to detail was amazing??
yummy treats....  :)
Our food spread was amazing....  :)
..... and this was MY array of food....  nothing wrong with a little sampler!  ;)
Megan made these red velvet cupcakes....  I couldn't get enough of them...  they were DELICIOUS...  I think she said they were from the Paula Dern cookbook...  :)
..... hahaha....  Melissa and Miss Layla Mae were in attendence too, I couldn't wait to get my hands on that belly..  :)  and what do you know????  she "nudged" back a little!  ;)
Hello....  Layla are you in there???  hahaha!!!  ;)
Melissa, Miss Layla, me and Miss Carlie....  :)
.... and a close-up....  :)
.... and then my little friend here had, had too much of a good party...  she came up, said "Amaria, I wanna sit on your lap....?"  ok I said, she snuggled herself up on my lap, and before we knew it she was sound asleep...  naturally we needed a picture...  ;)  look at how comfy and cozy she looks....  man am I going to be sad when she gets too big to fit in my lap.... 
Thanks again Jessica and Sarah for hosting such a fun party....  I can't wait for the next one!!  :)

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B is for Boring said...

mmmm the spread looked awesome!