Monday, September 20, 2010

Cupcakes, cupcakes, everywhere........

So here we are almost done with cake class....  I must say that I think I'm suffering from too much class, and I'm about ready for it to end....  one more class and then I'll be ready to move on to the next thing!!!  ;)  I do have to say that the last 3 months have been great fun.....  and I feel like I have learned a ton!!!  :)  this last monday we made cupcakes, learned how to "fill" them....  and how to decorate them....  I made this lovely flower thing, that looked nothing like the one in the book, but it was pretty....  I know I may be a little biased!!  ;)
of course Gaby's turned out just like the one in the book, and nothing like mine!!  haha!!  figures!
and here are both of them together, same flower, yet nothing alike!!  :)
Then we moved on to decorating the tops, you can pretty much put ANYTHING on a cupcake and they look scrumpcious!!  ;)  Janet decided she would make Charlie a baseball one, since she missed his first day of baseball!!  :(  and the other one, was a pom pom flower, her's was awesome, mine on the other hand sort of looked like cousin "it".....  haha!!! 
Gaby's work station, and her pom, pom, flower in the back
My finished cupcakes, with lots of cousin "it's"..... 
I LOVED gaby's heart cupcake.... 
and I decided to put my beautiful flower on top of mine!!!  :)
I made carrot cake cupcakes and filled them with cream cheese icing.....  which I am now eating out of the container with a spoon.....  guess I made too much, and I wouldn't want it to go to waste!  ;)  filling the cupcakes made them fun to eat.....  it was a cupcake "surprise"  :)  Mabe that's why I feel like I have cake class "burnout", because I've eaten too much frosting, and filling, my body is saying it has toooooooo much sugar in it!!!  haha!!!