Monday, September 13, 2010

a funny

have you ever had a "funny" converstaion that just kept running your head, and made you laugh ALL day???  I had one yesterday, and I'm still thinking about it, so I thought I'd share!!!  it was between me and a friend, about my cake class on monday nights.....

 me: "hey! I forgot to tell you I can't go to your game today... I have cake class
 him: "who are you taking this cake class with again?
 me:  "my sister and Janet
 him:  "cake class?  really??  why would you take that? and not something more beneficial?"
 me: "benefial? like what? and what's wrong with cake class?"
 him: "ummmmm, like a healthy eating class?"
 me: " hahaha!! why would I do that?? cake class is WAAAAY more fun" ;)
 him: "yeah, but then you'll be eating cake everyday??"
 me:  hesitating....  "true.....  hey!! wait didn't you like the cake I brought the other day??"
 him: " the pumpkin one? yeah it was tasty..  that was for cake class??  so what are you making today?"
 me: "a lemon cake with lemon filling... :) but don't worry, I'm bringing it to girls night tomorrow, so you wont have to eat any of it..."
 him: "oh I like lemon....."
 me: "too bad.... I'll bring you a healthy muffin next week...... from health class!!!" ;) hahaha!!!
and then I was off to CAKE CLASS!!!!  :)

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