Sunday, September 19, 2010

Tall Cakes.......

.....So here I am, taking another cake class, as if once a week wasn't enough, my mom and I decided that it would be fun to take this "stacking, tall cake" class today, it was a 3 hour class in which we constructed, learned the techniques of stacking a cake and then decorated it......  we had a great time...  My only regret is that I didn't prepare before hand, or come up with my design before hand....  Krista my friend who I met 3 monhs ago in the fondant class also took this one, she came in prepared to make a witch's hat...  DAMN!  i thought why didn't I think of somethig cool like her??  so off I went to think of something to make....  while she costructed this.....
......I decided to make a basket with a pumpkin in the middle and flowers coming out of the top, I had help coming up with my design!!  ;)  If I were to make it again I would definitly finish off the basket, on the top with some more basketweave....  the white looks a little weird, and it doesn't really looked finished...  and then my sister suggested that If I had used a bundt cake pan for the middle cake, then we would be able to better tell that it was a pumpkin....  she was right...  despite all of that though...  i really liked what the "arrangement" turned out to look like, it was bright, colorful and fallish, which is what I was going for!!  :)
This lady used pillars for her cake....  and her lace design looked cool too!!  :)
Irene's cake was awesome as well....  I need to figure out how to get my cakes to bake tall....  hmmmmm...  she made her calla lilies out of fondant and then made up a flower, swirl thing to go around as a border on her cake...  and her white dots added a little 3D look to it too!  lovely!
Then there was Krista the overachievers, witch's hat....  and I only say that because I may be slightly jealous that I didn't think of something cool like her....  now if only I could find a good reason to make this cake???  ;)  I LOVED it....  I loved the fact that she even thought as far as making a spider for the hat, and a buckle....  if only I was that creative....  or maybe I should say if only I had planned ahead!!  :)
and my mom made a basket in the middle of her cake....  I liked hers too!!  it really did come together for her...  and she was so excited that she remembered how to do some of this stuff! 
My pumpkin in basket floral arrangement!!!  ;)  I guess at this angle you can tell better....  :)
Yay, for a fun-filled mother-daughter cake class sunday!!  :)

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C@r!ie said...

Marrrrrria! Those are beautiful!!! Great job!