Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Welcome Fall!!!! :)

I'm soooo ready for fall this year it's not even funny....  as I write this, I'm sitting here in sweatpants, and a sweatshirt, drinking coffee, pretending that it's a lot chillier outside than it really is...  although I must admit that it helps that it's not a normal hot september evening.....  Today's weather has been perfect to welcome fall!  I can't wait for "rainy" inside days, hot chocolate, movies, and the perfect time for Ugg boots.....  Most importantly I'm looking forward to Pumpkins, pumpkin pie, pumpkin cake, that new pumpkin crumb thing Jaime made the other day....  and the holidays, the holidays are my absolute favorite time of the year, I love how all the stores go all out to decorate, and it just means it's almost time to bring out my "men".....  my snowmen who have been waiting all year to come out and play!!!  :)  I can't wait to bring another one home and to get all the other guys out too!!!  Every year around this time my store has a contest, and for some reason I was really excited to get the decorations going.... Maybe it's because it seems like summer really never came, so I feel like we should say farewell to it, and welcome the new season??  here's what I came up with to welcome fall!!!  after shopping for decorations for the display I want to go out and buy decorations for me!!!  I have so many ideas for fun "fall" projects I could do.....  YAY, for fall.....  I think today I felt how all my other friends feel about fall!!!  :)  I'm going to LOVE it!!!

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