Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Often times I get busy "worrying" and complaining about the "MEAN" people that God has so nicely placed in my life....  haha!!  I say nicely, because I know that there's a reason he's placed them in my everyday life..... :)  I haven't really figured out what the reason is, but I'm thinking that it's to make me "stronger"!  ;)  maybe???  But at the same time he has surrounded me with wonderful people in my everyday life too...  I know what their purpose is....  to make me feel "fullfilled" and to make me remember that the world, MY world is not full of mean, negative people..... instead MY world is filled of people who care, respect and care for one another, with no strings attached....  :)  so with that in mind...  I will count my blessings today....  ALL of them....  :)
    • there's nothing like an afternoon spent with good friends, friends who I can totally be myself with....  there's no better treasure in this world than a good friend....  Thanks girls!!  :)
    • and what can I say about hugs and I love you's from the little people???  I can't even begin to express how much I enjoy quality time with them!!  :) 
    • and then there was a while of snuggling from Mr. Owen today....  I LOVE when babies fall asleep on a person's shoulder...  and today I was in luck!  :)
    • then there was my welcoming "lick" from Sisco when I came over tonight.....  He LOVES me, just as much as I love him....  ;)
    • and wings and things...  I must be thankful for them today!!!  Gaby and I had that for dinner tonight....  and it was delicious!!  :)  alright not a "blessing"....  but I was thankful for them...  :)
    • and sisters....  I have been blessed with a great sister too!!  I LOVE her
    • and parent's, especially when they pack one's lunch for work!!  ;) 
So there it is....  my list for "count my blessings" tuesday!!!  :)

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jessica said...

i ditto this post. :) well all except for the dog part. hahaha!!! ;)