Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Happy Birthday Carlie!!

So Carlie had a birthday in September and to celebrate we planned a girl's night!!!  :)  We started off with the traditional "birthday" pedi, and then we were off to dinner.... She picked the Yard house for dinner.....  so off we went!!!  :) 
This was her birthday dessert!!  YUMMMM....
me and the birthday girl
our side of the table.....  and the pretty flowers that Rachelle brought Carlie....  :)
Me, Carlie and Jessica! 
The girls and Mr. Wade.....  who came to celebrate with us!!  :)
Happy Birthday Carlie, we hope you had a wonderful birthday....  It's always great to celebrate with friends...  oh and with great food too....  This is the night that we discovered that they have the BEST tomato bisque and grilled sandwich meal here....  everyone that had it was in heaven!!!  :D

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C@r!ie said...

thanks again for such a fun night!!!!! xoxoxoxox