Thursday, September 30, 2010

Pretty, Pretty, Double Rainbow...... :)

   Thursdays, have I mentioned how much I enjoy my days off??  Usually they're spent with friends, other times they're spent doing errands, paying bills, playing with my nephew puppy....  whom I'm not so happy with right now!  grrrr....  all I have to say is that he is LUCKY that my contract is up, and therefore I'm due for a new phone!  ;)  I enjoy making treats and sometimes dinner on these days too...  :)  they're a good "relaxing" day for me!!  :)  and today was SOOOOO much different than usual, only because last night was the first full night I've slept in a few days....  refer to a few posts back to see why...  ;)  I woke up feeling so much more refreshed today....  I was so excited too be ready for the day....  My voice is still on vacation, but other than that everything was good in my world.....  I went ahead and made some treats, did some laundry....  played on facebook, read a little of my new book in the backyard for a little while, the weather was gloomy but perfect for hanging out outside, had some coffee, went to see my puppy nephew, watched my phone get tragically killed in battle, came home to clean up the mess i made in the kitchen, and I happened to look out the backyard window to see this......  AMAZING picture that mother nature had painted for me....  A Double Rainbow....  ok maybe it wasn't just for me....  ;) 
the rainbow on the bottom was so BRIGHT the whole across the sky....  and I couldn't get enough of the colors of the sky....  I LOVED the gray to blue color that went all the way across.....
                         BRIGHT all the way across....  :)
  I think this is my favorite picture....  I think it's because it looks like the rainbows are coming out of the palm tree.
Mother Nature's "surprises" never seem to amaze me!  :)