Sunday, September 19, 2010

A day with Mom!!

Sunday was fun day with mom day!!  :)  we made our cakes on saturday night and frosted them sunday morning..  then we were off to learn how to successfully stack our cakes into something "cool"....  well I'm not sure how "cool" our cakes turned out to be, but they were pretty, and mine was nice and bright....  :)  and we got to spend some good ol' quality time together...  how could we not enjoy that??  I'm not sure that either one of us really take the time to hang out just the 2 of us....  actually I know we don't, one is always busy when the other one is available, and today was great..  we really did enjoy ourselves in class...  then we met my sister for dinner, and enjoyed her company too....  :)  my brother and dad got to hang out together while we were gone, so they had quality time too....  what a great family day we had...  I LOVE days like today....  I hope next week is as successful as today was!!  :)

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