Friday, September 24, 2010

Baseball and Fireworks, makes for a fun-filled evening....

So the other day I got a "mystery" txt message from this guy....  it  had seriously been FOREVER since we'd really talked aside from the random, yet sometimes yearly happy birthday/ merry chistmas, happy new year emails.....  and then there he was...  haha, back in California, from a long period of being "somewhere" else..... wanting to catch-up, with dinner and a baseball game..... hmmmmm....  ;)  Don and I met in college over 10 years ago, WOW!!  did I really just admit that?? haha ;)  and it was seriously amazing how we literally just picked  up where we had left off, especially since it's probably been a good 5 or 6 years, since we've really sat down and talked...  I LOVE the feeling of being comfortable with old friends.....  We went to dinner, the Angel game, and then watched the fireworks after....  anyone who knows me knows that this was seriously the "perfect" evening, filled with 4 of my most favorite things, food, baseball, fireworks, and good friends who can offer interesting conversation!!  :)
 a group shot!!  :)
Fireworks....  :)
 I had to post this one, because I was seriously impressed at the quality of this picture...  especially since it was from my phone!!  :)
The only thing I was really sad about was that this was one of the last Angel game's before the season ended....  so I guess we'll have to wait until next year to go again!

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