Sunday, September 26, 2010

A weekend in the "tree house".....

..... literally  :)
Mike's grandparents have a cabin up in Twin Peaks....  We always talk about going up for a weekend but it never seems to happen....  So on a "whim" and on a weekend when no one else was going, they decided to go...  they all went up friday night....  and I met them on saturday after work....  the drive up was seriously amazing....  I usually HATE the drive up there by myself....  It sorta scares me a little bit...  but on this saturday, I can truly say that I enjoyed myself on that drive....  :)  and finally I got to the "treehouse"  It was A LOT hotter up there than I expected, but it was even hotter at home....
Red Lightning had to spend the night at the bottom....  see her hiding behind that tree??  ;)
They had been waiting for me to get there so they could go walk around Big Bear.....  we had a little photo shoot when we finally got to the lake!!  :)
The weather was perfect, the lake was calm, and the ducks were super hungry!!  haha!

Naturally I found a photo spot....  ;)
ok....  this picture is out of order, but I feel like I have to explain it....  this was the weekend I couldn't sleep....  It was saturday afternoon, and I had probably slept a total of 6 hours since thursday night, sooooo I happened to lay my head on this here comfy cabin couch and slept for a whole 15 minutes....  YEEEESSSSS!!!!  I was so excited!!!  In the meantime I had left my camera unattended, and my dad thought it would be funny to snap a few pictures.....  and I decided to posst it!!  ;)  thanks dad!  haha!
There was this amaing swing on the deck....  we sat on it for a long time and just swung....  :)  My mom and her girls!!  :D
Then it was dad's turn!!  :)

Mike made a yummy steak dinner....  yummmmm....
my half-eaten spread....  ;)
and on sunday I woke up to this.....  a maple bacon donut from a donut shop in town....  let me tell you that it was amazingly delicious...  just yesterday morning I was thinking one of these sounded terrific!!! 
..... and we went back into town for breakfast and to check out the ducks again!  :)
at the restaurant I found a prop.....  haha!  he even smiled for my picture....
mmmmmm....  breakfast and a mimosa....  :)
a self portrait!
This tree at the cabin was super tall
The stairs leading from the bottom, where my car was parked, to the top of the cabin....  Yikes there was at least a hundred of them!
haha!!!  My parent were "people" watching....  look at how excited my dad looked....  e
.... and before we left, we HAD to try out the tire swings
hahaha!!!  this was before I graciously attempted to get off the swing...  ;)

swinging, swinging, swinging...... 

We had the best time...  I just wish it had been longer....  Thanks Michael!!!  :)

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B is for Boring said...

Looks like a great weekend... and OMG THAT MAPLE BACON DONUT = amazing!