Saturday, September 18, 2010

Happy 35th Birthday Mattie!!! :)

Matt turned 35, and we decided it was a great time to celebrate!!  Casey and Heather got a few people together and we went to Benihana's, man I hadn't been there in ages, and I was amazed how crowded the restaurant and all of it's surrounding places were....  I was definitly back in a college town....  there were people out past 8:30pm....  hahaha!! 
Our meal started off with this yummy soup.....
....and of course there was a volcano demonstration! ;) and that is as far as the food pictures got!  haha!  the food and conversation were so good that I forgot to keep going.....  ;)
Me, Matt, Heather, Lisa, Casey, baby Valentino and Emo.....  the turnout was fairly small this time, but we had fun celebrating Matt!  and Valentino was a trooper, dinner didn't end until almost 11, and he was as sweet as could be the whole time!!  :)

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