Monday, September 27, 2010

Farewell to cake class......

.... and just like that 3 full months of "cake class" with my sister came to an end..... I must say that I was ready, I think I reached a "burn-out" point.... AND to top it all off, the last class consisted of making ribbon roses.... now in case you haven't noticed from the previous posts, roses are NOT my thing... haha!! BUT it was a lot of fun, it gave my sister and I something to look forward to everyweek! BUT most of the cake class creations ended up in the trash, as it was too much cake, cupcakes, and cookies for us..... BUT we did learn a lot, and I am definitly ready to decorate cakes and cookies, I am definitly excited to make "theme" cakes and cookies, for occasions so they don't just sit there....

my "best" ribbon rose....  and one of 3 I made...  I was in a "giver upper" kind of mood that day... :/
Gaby's beautiful roses....  Now if ever you want a rose...  she's your girl....  haha
My first rose looked like a mountain....  ;)
Gaby was very proud of this one....  :) and I was jealous of it...  haha!!  If only they turned out like that for me....  :(
Gaby made enough roses to decorate a cake...  it turned out beautiful too...  If only my roses would of looked like this....  ;)
This is as far as I got....  I decided to get busy practicing for Melissa's shower cake instead!!  ;)
Farewell cake class....  you were fun while  you lasted....  Thank  you for teaching me how to decorate...  I can't wait to put everything I've learned to use!!  :)

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B is for Boring said...

You have really learned a lot! Can't wait to see more creations...