Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Tastefully Terrific Tuesday!!!

It's not often that I get a tuesday off....  but thanks to the upcoming "holiday" I did....  and let me tell you how tastefully terrific and enjoyable it was!!  :)  I met Jessica and the kids at the outlet so we could do a little shopping, and they brought me this....  a Fanta Float from Sonic....  I LOVE surprises in the form of ice cream and orange soda!!  :)  and it was as terrific as I thought it would be....  Thanks Jessica for enduring the long line so we could enjoy ourselves while shopping!!  :)

After our shopping adventure at The Gap and Pottery Barn, I met my mom and sister so we could go on an adventure to Temecula....  we ended up at Barnes and Noble....  oh how I LOVE that place....  i looked and looked thru endless cookbooks, to see if there was "something" else I could make for the southern picnic on sunday!  and let me tell you those cookbooks did not dissappoint, now the only problem I have is deciding which of these "southern" style salsa's I should attempt....  the choices are endless!!  haha!  there's watermelon salsa or 2 varieties of corn salsa, and there is one called Texas Caviar.....  they all look terrific to me...  someone help!!  :D
I LOVE fun-filled friend/family days....  they sure do make me happy!  now I'm ready for the rest of the week!!!  Yiiipppppeeeee!!!!  :) 

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jessica said...

ooh watermelon salsa sounds great!