Sunday, August 1, 2010

Old Poway Park

Debran found this great railroad we could ride in at Old Poway Park..... :) a few of us decided to go and sdpend sunday afternoon there, so after a pitstop for yummy Aroma coffee's we were well on our way!! Yay! :)

This is the train that greeted us when we got there!! how cool is it??

waiting to board! :)

haha! I LOVE this picture of the kids looking out to see all the stuff we were passing!! :)

Man.... Ella's hair is getting WAAAAY long!

towards the end we found a fountain.... they LOVED splashing in the water and throwing money in it!! :)

haha!!! on our way down everyone fell asleep, while I enjoyed the third row seat in the back with Ella!!! :) (this one's out of order)

time for "piggy back" rides.... Ella loves this.... come to think of it, so do I!!! pretty soon she's gonna get too big, and we wont be able to do this anymore!! :(

The girls.....

the scenery was amazing! oh and then it was picnic time!! :) yep, I "picnicked" with the kids.... lol

on our way back..... :)
yay!!! what a wonderful day it turned out to be, thanks DeBran for coming up with such a great outing!! There's nothing better than an afternoon spent outside with friends!! :)