Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Thankful Tuesday!

First off I'm thankful today is not yesterday..... It seemed that everyone was in rare form yesterday, and it was sort of a rough day!! haha!!! Today is Thankful Tuesday though.... I think sometimes I take forgranted simple things that I really am grateful for.... so here is my list!! ;)
  • It was 116* outside today.... so air conditioning is DEFINITLY something I was VERY grateful for today!
  • I met Jaime for lunch today.... the taco shop was amazingly delicious, last minute lunches and quality times with great friends is always something I am grateful for.
  • indoors, like I mentioned before it was extremely hot today, so I went and hung out with my puppy nephew in the afternoon, and we spent an hour inside so he could cool off.
  • Parents..... My dad took "care" (whatever that means! ;)) of the lizard snake thing that sometimes comes to visit.... YUCK.... I am GRATEFUL I didn't see it, I may of died on the spot! ;)
  • lastly i'm grateful for internet shopping and for the packages that come with it! I ordered my sizzix machine last week, and it arrived today!!! YAY!!! :) It's everything I thought it would be and more! :) I got to play with it, AFTER I finished working on my final project for cake class.... I acccidentally threw away the cutouts I made, so all I have is pictures of the "stuff" I got.... I LOVE it already, and I can't wait to see all the fun stuff I can do!!

off to do more "sizzix" shopping now!! ;) I found an "outlet" store online.... YEEEEESSSSS!!!

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